Saturday, May 21, 2005

Twin Towers, Skyscrapers, and Fear

Here's an exerpt (scroll down to almost the bottom until you see "FanofHeretic" for the whole comment) from the most recent comment about The Twin Tower reconstruction proposal made by Donald Trump.

"He admitted that leasing remakes of the twin towers would be "difficult to lease". That is a GROSS understatement - no matter the consessions given to prospective lessees. Even when the towers were originally built, they could not lease them, and now - like then, they will have to "give" away space to public/state agencies.But that is only PART ONE of the problem. Since we all were onlookers - via video - of that horrific event, who among us would consider working in replicas of those buildings after seeing what can happen if trapped in a skyscraper during an emergency?In most everyone working man/woman's mind is the conviction that the re-built towers will forever present a challenge to all who hate us. Accordingly, what businesses will rent those spaces knowing it will be nearly impossible to find worthwhile employees willing to work there ?"

I don't know any of the specifics regarding the leasing problem so that will be left for those who can speak of it and those who wish to finance this project should it be approved but this blogger does wish to say a few things about the perception of fear in the back of all of our minds - that we can ourselves be trapped in a building that might be attacked or otherwise collapse because of an earthquake.

Yes, many at this time might fear that and some may be deterred from walking into a skycraper again but the people who work and live in the city have moved on. The skyscrapers (aside from the Twin Towers) and the people who work in them are still there. Over time I believe the fear will subside, particularly since there have been no major successful terrorist incidents to speak of since 9-11 (other than some mail poison of some sort but the fear coming from that has subsided as well). and those who are not going about their normal lives will eventually do so.

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