Monday, August 28, 2006

Chris Matthews' Missed Opportunity on Santorum and the War in Iraq

Last week on "Hardball," Chris Matthews asked Senator Rick Santorum, a conservative Republican incubment up for re-election this Novemeber, to reconcile Vice President Richard Cheney's early statements connecting Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda and President George W. Bush's recent statement no one in his administration suggested that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack. Later, to bolster the president's dubious claim that the Iraqis are united behind one "objective" and one "dream," the senator offered the following response to Chris Matthews' question:

MATTHEWS: Why are we losing 3,500 Iraqis a month if they‘re all working together. They‘re shooting at each other, Shi‘a against the Sunni, the Sunni against the Shi‘a. If they‘re shooting against each other, how can they be part of what you call a common theme? They hate each other, the Shi‘a and the Sunni.

SANTORUM: Yes. Well, they do hate each other, but what I think we know is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And you see Shi‘a and Sunni working together in a lot of different areas of the world to attack the West, to attack Israel, to attack whatever the case may be.

And so, no, I would disagree with you. Yes, there certainly are internal problems. This is not a very simple and clean approach. But there is clearly—if you see not only Sunni and Shi‘a working together against the West, but when you see them engaged with...

MATTHEWS: OK. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

SANTORUM: ... North Korea, Venezuela and a whole bunch of others, you know you‘ve got a serious problem.

MATTHEWS: Senator Rick Santorum, you just said the enemy of my enemy is my friend. You and the Green Party of Pennsylvania. It would be helpful to you to have a large Green Party turnout to reduce the support for the Casey campaign.

So, Mr. Santorum says the Iraqis are united by one thing - their hatred toward the United States, its government, and its soldiers. Great. Chris Matthews, too pre-occupied with the Santorum campaign's political strategy to divide the liberals who want the vulnerable conservative Republican ousted, forgot to ask Santorum why we should help those who hate us settle their political differences so they can turn around and fight against us.

For his part, the senator should keep his mouth shut and let other pro-war supporters speak for the cause.

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