Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From the moment Roland Burris accepted former Governor Rod Blagojevich's offer for the senate seat, the Political Heretic knew he had no shame. Illinois' junior senator, after all, was appointed to fill the very seat which the ousted governor is accused of selling to the candidate who would raise campaign funds for him.

The Senate at first refused to seat Mr. Burris at first because they knew he was picked through a politically tainted process by an ethically-challenged governor. Illinois' residents would ask themselves if a deal was struck between the senator and the governor. Mr. Burris, however, was not ashamed. He flew to Washington and called their bluff with the expectation that he would either be seated or cause the spectacle that would lead his detractors to back down. He stood out in the rain, held press conferences, and made an appearance on Rachel Maddow's show. In each case he denied any wrongdoing.

In an affidavit he submitted in January, the senator denied any contact with Blagojevich's associates. At his state's impeachment proceedings, however, Mr. Burris admitted that he spoke to former Chief of Staff Lon Monk for the position but again, denied any wrong doing. He did not buy the seat from the ousted governor.

This month, Mr. Burris submitted a revised affidavit in which acknowledges that he spoke to the governor's brother. The senator said he thought of raising campaign funds for the governor at the brother's request but ultimately proved unsuccessful in this endeavor. Though he didn't, it is asserted, raise the money, he apparently had no qualms doing so and then accepting the position even after the special prosecutor released his affidavit asserting that, among other things, the now ousted governor was attempting to sell President Barack Obama's senate seat.

With all due respect to the editorial writers at The Chicago Sun Times, we don't need a full explanation from the senator or an investigation that would drag out for days, weeks or even months. We need his resignation now.

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