Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Senator Says Conservatives Will Have Oppotunity to Reshape Court in Nine Months when Ginsburg Dies

Senator Richard Shelby is taking some heat for some comments he made regarding Obama's birth certificate. His colleague from Tennessee however has yet to take some heat for statements he made concerning the recovering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

So, what did Senator Bunning say that should land him in hot water? Oh. let's see. Conservatives will have a chance to remake the Court in its image when Justice Ginsburg, dies of cancer in about 9 months.


Revolting (looking forward to someone's demise is deplorable) and delusional (since when is Obama going to appoint a conservative justice to replace Ginsburg?) His apology is also weird. Of course she was offended by those statements. It was not his "intent" to offend her. No but I guess it was his intent to offer his ideological brothers and sisters some hope that her demise would give them an opportunity to shift the court to the right.

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