Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Touching Speech

from Dustin Lance Black. It was a really moving and passionate speech for gay equality and for a leader of that movement. He spoke from the point of view of a gay man born and raised in a conservative Mormon family. Of one of those people who might have committed suicide were it not for the few out gay role models like Harvey Milk. It made my night.

Sean Penn too delivered a good but more bracing speech for gay equality. Black offered the more upbeat message of hope. Penn spoke of the shame which future generations will have for the parents and grandparents who voted for anti-gay marriage initiatives like Prop 8.

Bill Maher's short speech was disappointing to say the least. I like Bill Maher alot. He's a great comedian. His "New Rules" segment is one of the best skits I have ever seen on a comedy show and I largely agree with his views regarding religion. But last night he complained because his movie wasn't nominated for any award. I'm sorry but the Oscars are set up to honor those who were nominated for their hard work, and not complain about those which did not make it.

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