Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three Immigration Stories in The New York Times

Context matters.

One story concerns those we shouldn't in slightest feel sorry for. They knew the risks and entered this country illegally. We should do everything we legally can to make them feel unwelcome.

The second story concerns a group we invited into this country to save them from a civil war. We invited them into this country so they would survive Liberia's civil war. Though we have a right to send them back to their home country, we should, out of the goodness of our hearts (it would seem cruel forcibly kick out those we had invited to relocate in the first place), grant those who had registered with the proper authorities a chance to seek permanent residency should they seek it while shipping those who did not follow the rules back once they are caught.

A third concerns the refusal to grant permanent residency to the non-American member of a married couple it would normally grant if the couple were of the same sex. If this country is going to put its interest in restricting immigration to the side in cases where two people of different nationalities fall in love by granting American member of the heterosexual family the right to sponsor his or her spouse, it should remove the restriction on sponsorship for the homosexual family. The forced separation of the couple or the forced relocation to a jurisdiction that is more accepting is no less burdensome when it is imposed upon a gay couple than when it is imposed upon a straight couple.

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