Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Get NY Times' Sympathy

yet again.

Democrats keep saying they don't have the votes to pass gay rights legislation or health care that includes the public option. I hope they are wrong on those counts but one area where they have said nothing but where I really pray (and this is coming from an agnostic) they don't have the votes for is legislation making it easier for illegal immigrants currently living in this country to assimilate. If anything we should be making it harder for them to stay in this country and doing everything we can to discourage future transgressors from sneaking across the border.

The editorial writers say we should help them out because, they came here through no fault of their own:

"These students came here as minors, hitched to their parents’ aspirations for a better life."

Quite true, but they are now adults and they now have a choice to either respect our customs, leave, and re-enter this country the legal way or defy our legal system by rallying for special treatment. And as far as their "parents' aspirations" are concerned too bad for them. They had a choice. Apply for residency and wait until they were invited into this country or risk their and their child's future by coming in without state approval.

"They," The New York Times writers claim," seemed incredulous that a message they grew up with — work hard, stay in school, study and you will succeed — does not apply to them." Oh it but it would have applied to them. There's just one small but significant requirement the writers forgot to mention. You have to follow the rules in order to get ahead as well. Work hard and follow the rules.

I have no sympathy for those who break the rules and I spare none from those who benefit from the those who broke the rules for them. Why do you ask? Because there are too many people who, even though they are starving to death in third world waste-lands like Bangladesh or Somalia who make do with what they have. And because there are too many people who apply for asylum from oppressive regimes (China, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Zaire, and Zimbabwe), then wait years in UN-designated refugee camps before their applications are approved.

There is something patently unfair about rewarding those who step ahead of the line while those who work hard and play by the rules, rot either in their home countries or in refugee camps.

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