Friday, June 19, 2009

Khomeini: United States Not the Great Satan After All

The Republicans may be criticizing President Barack Obama because he has not, in their opinion, sided with the Iranian protesters forcefully enough but his low key approach may be paying off in unexpected ways. In his speech threatening the dissidents with bloodshed should they march in the streets again, Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini blamed the Western Powers (the United States included) for interfering in their internal political affairs. This was to be expected. Iran's "Supreme Leader" blames the west (and/or the "Zionist Jews") for the world's problems and they think it is an effective way to rally the public to his side.

We did, after all, have two run-ins with the Iranians of unequal moral standing. In 1953 we overthrew Iran's democratically-elected government. This action was designed to secure Iran's oil for the United States at a time in which the United States and the now defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were vying for the world's natural resources.

The second concerned the haplessly exercised but justifiable attempt to rescue the American hostages seized by Iran's theocratic revolutionaries. Neither action endeared us with the Iranian regime.

Khomeini, however, did not refer to us as the "Great Satan." Yesterday Khomeini focused his ire on the British. Khomeini may be using the poor Iranians' anti-British sentiments to rally support around the regime but it may also, as noted in the article, reflect his desire to negotiate with our president. If Khomeini had no desire to work with us, he'd have no problem burning his bridges.

Oh, and as promised, Chris Matthew's interview with Senator Saxby "Iranians are ignorant bastards" Chambliss.

But when the Republicans try to demagogue their way back into power by making President Barack Obama appear weak on terrorism and human rights we should ask them what they would do once the crackdown begins. They want a rebellion and they say they want the president to back it. How? Merely with words? What happens when the tyrants from Tehran slaughter the protesters? Would they have us bomb Iran into submission or would we send the American troops to rescue fleeing protesters? Would we offer them asylum?

If we push for the uprising then we eventually will come to own it.

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