Saturday, June 27, 2009

Krauthammer's Search for a Hero

"Iran today is a revolution in search of its Yeltsin. Without leadership, demonstrators will take to the street only so many times to face tear gas, batons and bullets. They need a leader like Boris Yeltsin: a former establishment figure with newly revolutionary credentials and legitimacy, who stands on a tank and gives the opposition direction by calling for the unthinkable -- the abolition of the old political order." - Charles Krauthammer in The Washington Post

Um. He might have thought about this before he urged our president to side with the revolutionaries.

Unless of course, he doesn't care if the president eggs the Iranian protesters on to their own slaughter like sheep. President Barack Obama said he didn't know what the end result would be and he knew that whatever hope they had relied upon our silence. Why don't the neoconservatives care about the facts on the ground?

And no. Whether the president goofed up by noting the similarities between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad or not, his assessment didn't undercut the rebellion. Large protests were were held after the president made those comments. Large protests were held before the president spoke and they were held after the president spoke. They dwindled in size after the "Supreme Leader" declared all of those who continued to protest "enemies of the state."

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