Monday, July 06, 2009

Frank Rich: the Public Would be Rooting for Dillinger; not the Banks he Robbed

"In 2009, too many who worked hard and played by the rules are still suffering, while too many who bent or broke the rules with little or no accountability are back reaping a disproportionate share of what scant prosperity there is. The tepid national satisfaction taken in Bernie Madoff’s terminal prison sentence should be a warning to the White House. In the most devastating economic catastrophe since Dillinger’s time, many Americans know all too well that justice has yet to be served." - Frank Rich in The New York Times

Yep. Didn't Bill Maher call for a lynching or two? The president has to decide who he works for. The the rich cheatin' fat cats who work at the "banks" or the people. We know where the Republicans stand. Who does Obama side with?

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