Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor Hearing Day Two: Graham's Condenscension and Ego

"OK. Now, let's talk about you. I like you, by the way, for whatever that matters. Since I may vote for you that ought to matter to you." Senator Lindsey Graham contradicting himself and sounding like a pompous you-know-what at the same time.

Then he begins to meander - talking about subjects that do not concern this committee:

"Let's talk about the wise Latino comment, yet again. And the only reason I want to talk about it yet again is that I think what you said -- let me just put my vices on the table here. One of the things that I constantly say when I talk about the war on terror is that one of the missing ingredients in the Mid-East is the rule of law that Senator Schumer talked about. That the hope for the Mid-East, Iraq and Afghanistan is that there'll be a courtroom one day that if you find yourself in that court, it would be about what you allegedly did, not who you are.

It won't be about whether you're a Sunni, Shia, a Kurd or a Pashtun, it will be about what you did. And that's the hope of the world, really, that our legal system, even though we fail at times, will spread. And I hope one day that there will be more women serving in elected office and judicial offices in the Mid-East because I can tell you this, from my point of view. One of the biggest problems in Iraq and Afghanistan is the mother's voice is seldom heard about the fate of her children."

Before returning to his "explanation" of what the nominee, who graduated cum laude from and Ivy League School, had to "understand." Note the words I bold-faced:

"And the one thing that I've tried to impress upon you through jokes and being serious, is the consequences of these words in the world in which we live in. You know, we're talking about putting you on the Supreme Court and judging your fellow citizens.

And one of the things that I need to be assured of is that you understand the world as it pretty much really is. And we've got a long way to go in this country, and I can't find the quote, but I'll find it here in a moment -- the wise Latino quote."

Wow. What a - no I won't say it.

And did you see how Sotomayor responded to these degrading questions and paternalistic comments? "No sir," Yes, sir." I guess she was told to sound like a servant and remind the white southern male Republicans of 'hem stereotypical maids. They don't feel threatened when the Hispanics behave like servants.

It reminded me when the president was stumping on the campaign trail. He almost never let one of his campaign staffers (and never, that I can recall anyway, a white staffer) carry his luggage. He knew that, unfortunately, there are too many people who would get all riled up if a white man was serving in the capacity as a black man's servant.

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