Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank and the Idiot

U.S. Representative Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) has no problem putting idiots in their place, even if he might get some bad press for repudiating a position taken by someone who might potentially (key word being "potentially") a constituent of his. The lady in question asked the congressman why he is supporting a "Nazi policy" on health care and he responded by asking her "what planet" she "spends most of her time." "Trying to argue with" her, he went on, would be like "trying to have an argument with a dining room table."

I couldn't agree with the U.S. Representative from the 4th district in Massachusetts. These people can't be reasoned with. If they cannot distinguish between a policy designed to provide its citizens with a means to purchase affordable health insurance so that they can take their children to the dentist or undergo major heart surgery without going broke to the systematic attempt by a government to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the planet by gassing, shooting or incinerating them to death, they have a few screws loose in the head. Anyone who buys into this analogy must be real dumb.

That said, it would have been far more effective I think if the Congressman did what I just did and explain, in that same incredulous manner why there is no comparison between the push for health care reform and "The Final Solution." Sometimes the best way to expose the stupidity is to spell it out.

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