Monday, August 31, 2009

The Politics of Torture

Libertarian-leaning Ryan Sager has some advice to those who oppose torture. Focus on our self image, find instances where cooperation was given without torture, and focus on the innocent who might be tortured.

I particularly like his focus on the third since we really don't know who is innocent and who is guilty and we can't distinguish between those two groups because the Bush administration (and now the Obama administration) has failed to put most of them on trial.

Those who support the prior administration's torture program would have us believe they captured evil people who were going to (do partake in evil acts) but none of this was proven beyond any (let alone "reasonable") doubt within a court of law.

We may very well be torturing (and indefinitely holding) the innocent along with the guilty. If they have the evidence to convict these guys in a court of law, the Obama administration should try these bastards and let them plead themselves out of any death sentence the jury imposes upon them. If they are innocent they should be released immediately and compensated for the loss of their freedom.

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