Monday, September 14, 2009

Andrew Sullivan and Race

"People project all sorts of stuff onto you, good and bad, when that happens; and the handful of us in the public eye had to just carry on, hoping that the full scope of our work would eventually overshadow one aspect of our lives, but that our gayness could be celebrated as well. Anything but lies. And as more and more people are openly gay, and as more and more of them seem completely like your next door neighbor, it becomes easier.

Harris and DeGeneres have helped a huge amount in this, but it still remains tough for these wholesome, white mainstream voices to strike the right balance. There is a personal toll to being the human bit in the cultural drill."
- Andrew Sullivan at his blog

I doubt Andrew Sullivan meant anything racist by his "wholesome, white mainstream" comment but it sounds so racially tone-deaf that he needs to add a clarification which I guess would require him to distinguish between the coming-out experiences of white gay Americans and the coming-out experiences of black, Hispanic, Native American or Asian gay Americans.

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