Monday, September 21, 2009

FOX "News" Denied Themselves Access

Sorry Chris Wallace. FOX News did its viewing audience a disservice by refusing to preempt "Dancing with the Stars" with the president's address to Congress. On those rare moments when the president is going to speak to the nation reputable news agencies must air his speech so that it could encourage its people to inform themselves about the president's arguments. Then, a reputable news agency would "fact check" what the president had to say and let the pundits give their reactions to the speech (and/or press conference). You cannot deny the president his chance to make the case for his argument and then expect to come on your show so that you would have an opportunity to poke holes in his argument before he even has a chance to make it. By refusing to air the president's address to Congress for the second time in a row, FOX News forfeited whatever claim it had to being a "fair and balanced" or reputable news service and as such, it forfeited whatever respect the president owed its news correspondents.

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