Thursday, September 03, 2009

Democrats Too Weak to Fight for Us

I really wonder if the Democrats are going to push through any legislation they were elected to pass. Where's the change? Where's the "yes we can" attitude? No public option on health care. No troop withdrawal from Iraq as of yet. No habeas corpus rights for war detainees. Rendition still permitted. No justice for those who were tortured. No investigations into who was tortured. A very weak cap and trade bill that may or may not even get passed. No stringent regulations forbidding the creation of businesses "too big to fail." CEO's still reaping a profit at our expense. The hate crimes bill has yet to pass or be signed. ENDA has yet to pass.

Is there anything which the Democrats are going to do to justify their control in Washington? And why should gay Americans, in particular, donate to the Democratic Party if they get nothing in return for their efforts? Why, for that matter, should any liberal donate their time and money to the Democrats? Even the Hispanics are getting restless!

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