Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mission Accomplished" in Iraq

Yet one more sign that our troops cannot win this war in Iraq. Iraq's future can only be determined by the people who live in that country and the people who will ultimately get buried in that country.

Here's the key excerpt from The Los Angeles Times:

Although no group claimed responsibility for the attack, the bombing was likely the work of Islamic extremists, who regularly carry out suicide bombings in Iraq. Some districts in Mosul's province, Nineveh, are controlled by the Iraqi army and others, including Wardek, are policed by Kurdish forces from Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurds wish to annex land to their semiautonomous region that they say was taken from them during Saddam Hussein's regime, while Baghdad and local Arabs are fiercely against such a move.

This is a political problem that can only be solved through political means (that is, at the negotiating table). Troops can uphold a truce. They cannot make peace.

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