Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ridge on Maddow

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge was on Rachel Maddow's show to explain a passage of his latest book where he suggested there were some political calculations involved in a push to raise the terror threat level days before the Nov. 2004 presidential elections. Tonight he defended his former colleagues in the Bush administration from such charges.

"At no time, at no time, at no time did politics enter in my judgment anybody's equation," he said. "These were tough judgment calls."

None of this explains why he he "wondered" if there were any political motives for raising the terror alert. When he was in the room with his colleagues and the president he would have made his case against raising the terror alert while Ashcroft and Rumsfeld made their case for raising the terror alert. At that point Secretary Ridge would know whether the arguments Ashcroft and Rumsfeld were making were inherently political or not. If they weren't Mr. Ridge would have no reason to speculate about their motives. So Ride either lied to us in the book when he speculated about his colleagues' motives or he is lying to us now by vouching for their integrity.

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