Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Compensation at Bailed Out Companies

The Obama administration will be releasing its plan to slash the compensation for the highest-paid employees at companies bailed out by the American taxpayer. The devil of course is in the details but it sounds good. I do wonder if the administration is providing corporate executives with a loophole since they did not foreclose approval f $25,000 + worth of perks.

Don't feel sorry about Kenneth D. Lewis at Bank of America. Though he is being forced into early retirement, Mr. Lewis still gets a $53 million pension.

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Dr Doc dlcs said...

i am crippled for the rest of my life with parkinsons disease. i am a vietnam era veteran Honerable, and i don;t get diddly squatt. There are to meany uneducated far left radical liberials who fail to see thay they are on the way to destroying this Great Country, U.S.A. I think the ones who are going to suffer most from the damages already created by big gov, are the children of the future. There is something that is just NOT right about the Barack Hussein Obama adminastration. I just have a realy bad feeling.
Dr Doc dlcs