Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conservative Says Obama Should Legalize Pot

"Arguments for and against decriminalization of some or all drugs are familiar by now. Distilled to the basics, the drug war has empowered criminals while criminalizing otherwise law-abiding citizens and wasted billions that could have been better spent on education and rehabilitation." - Kathleen Parker offering the readers one of her saner thoughts.

but oops I found a blooper:

"While many Republicans nurse a libertarian streak, the party has been selective in its support of federalist principles. George W. Bush's administration refused to honor states authorizing medical uses of cannabis, for instance, but aimed to return abortion and marriage issues to state jurisdictions."

Mrs. Parker must be referring to the president's advocacy for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. States are deciding on their own whether and to what extent they would recognize gay marriages as families. The constitutional amendment she refers to would have removed that decision from the states.

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