Friday, October 09, 2009

HRC: Dump Solmonese

The Human Rights Campaign has to dump Joe Solmonese. He lets President Barack Obama get away with every dodge and comes across as a pushover who excuses even the slow pace it took to get Hate Crimes legislation through Congress. Then John Aravosis posts this deadline - 2017 to live up to his promises. Cleve Jones should take his place. 2017? seven years from now? What about an evaluation before his re-election campaign gets into full swing?

Gay rights organizations should hold off on any presidential endorsement until he successfully signs into law two (if not three civil rights pieces of civil legislation excluding the hate crimes bill). Give Obama a choice. He can sign into law ENDA and an inclusive safe schools bill, he could sign ENDA while lifting the ban of gays serving in the military, he could sign ENDA and repeal in whole or in part DOMA, or he could sign ENDA and sign a bill that allows gays to sponsor their significant others' for citizenship purposes.

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