Friday, October 09, 2009

Robinson: Investigate Charlie Rangel

"The real problem, though, is the overall portrait of a wealthy and privileged congressional pasha to whom ordinary rules don't apply. It's a picture that obscures Rangel's long and tireless work in the House on behalf of the needy and dispossessed. It pains me to see his record tarnished, because I like and admire the guy. But he's the one who did the tarnishing. ...

... Speaker Nancy Pelosi may owe her job to Rangel, but she needs to press the ethics committee to do its work without fear or favor. And she needs to contemplate the prospect of explaining to voters, come next fall, why the affluent man who sets their taxes didn't pay his." Eugene Robinson on Representative Charlie Rangel's (D-New York) ethical problems

Robinson said what needed to be said.

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