Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Democratic leaders dropped a government insurance option and the idea of expanding Medicare to younger Americans. Reid also omitted language that would have eliminated the federal antitrust exemption for health insurers -- another nonstarter for Nelson." excerpt from The Washington Post

Talk about making a deal with the devil. So much for reform. The health industry will retain its monopoly and it will retain the right to raise its premiums on those with pre-existing conditions and it won't have to compete with the government or anyone else for customers who are forced to buy the product. Now, the subsidies purportedly will make it easier to purchase the insurance cartel's (yes, Keith Olbermann is right on this in spite of his over-the-top call for civil disobedience) lousy product but when those premiums but the industries inevitably will raise the premiums as time goes on. Will Congress increase its subsidies to offset those premium hikes? Can Congress afford to?

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