Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Frum's Error in Logic

"Having urged the president to honor his commitment to the Afghan war, we Republicans must honor our commitment to support him as he fights it. Given the public unenthusiasm for the conflict, there will be political temptations to “go rogue” on the president, if not now, then in the summer of 2010. That will be our test, for us to pass as the president has passed his. I know many Republicans and conservatives will say: “Hey – the Democrats did not give President Bush support when he most needed it.” Correct. They didn’t. And the country suffered for it. The right way to react to that dereliction of duty is not by emulating it, but by repudiating it. “For it before I was against it” has deservedly become an epithet for shameful wavering. Let’s not inflict it upon ourselves." David Frum at

Except that when the Democrats were opposing the Bush administration they were opposing a policy they did not agree with. Asking the Republicans to side with President Barack Obama should be far easier than it was to ask the Democrats to back his predecessor. The Republicans generally agree with the president on the troop surge. The Democrats did not agree with Obama's predecessor on his troop surge.

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