Monday, December 14, 2009

Grading Our Politicians

First off, I don't think the president doesn't look good rating himself when Americans are losing their jobs. The president may feel he is doing a good job but the people who elected him might not think he's done enough for them. He should have deflected that question and said he is too busy trying to re-jump the economy.

Second, leaving that aside, I'd rate him a gentleman's C on the economy and domestic issues. He really hasn't shown any leadership on health care, the economic stimulus package, or financial reform. He hasn't kept many of his promises on civil rights and had in fact, antagonized his relationship with gay Americans seeking their place on the table.

On Foreign Policy, I'd give him a B+. There have been some gaffes - his decision to turn down the Norwegian King's lunch invitation comes to mind - but the president overall has changed the tone and the way we approach the international community. I have my doubts about the president's Afghan strategy but he at least took his time to think it through.

He isn't failing on the domestic front because I need to factor in his dealings with Congress and the mess he has inherited from his predecessor. Congress has done an abysmal job. I'd give the Speaker and the House Democratsin general a C- and the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Democrats a D.

The Republicans wouldn't even get an F since they haven't even made the effort to come up with an alternative set of policies to fix the economy and their failure to repudiate those who bring up the latest conspiracy theories suggests they should be expelled for uncivil behavior.

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