Wednesday, January 27, 2010

US & UK on Gay Rights: Night and Day

David Axelrod, a campaign adviser for our liberal president, Barack Obama, says his boss will call for the elimination of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in his State of the Union Address tonight. He believes, rightly I believe, that the ban on letting gays serve openly is counterproductive and unnecessarily insulting towards those patriots who wish to give their lives for this country.

David Cameron
, the leader of the United Kingdom's main conservative opposition party and aspiring prime minister, apparently told his allies that schools should teach its children about gay and straight relationships equally.

“We do need good sex and relationship education. That education should teach people about equality, that we treat people the same whether they are gay or straight,” - Cameron is quoted as saying in The Telegraph.

“Should we teach children about relationships? Yes we should.”

“Should we teach them about the importance of equality, whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual? Yes we should.”

“Should we teach them about civil partnerships being a way of same-sex couples showing commitment just as married couples show commitment? Yes we should.”

Remember. He's the conservative. Think back to David Brooks, in one of his more progressively conservative op-eds.

The liberals (and some of the more liberal members of his own party) don't like his tax plan because it discriminates against those who do not choose to marry or "civilly unite." They want the live-in boyfriends and girlfriends (as well as single parents) to get the same level of respect Cameron wants to devote to committed same-sex couples (in civil partnerships) and opposite-sex couples (in marriage).

In this country we have one party that pretends to support gay rights and another that thinks like the Iranian mullahs.

Great Britain, far ahead of us and far more nuanced on these issues.
Night and day.

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