Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama the Lame Duck

Count me in among the doom & gloom crowd. Obama will accomplish nothing of any significance once Scott Brown takes the oath of office. He won't get anything done because the Republican senators won't let him.

I don't like it one bit and it makes me even more furious and not just at the Republicans. The Democrats had a year to get this right. They had a year to push through a serious, well-thought-out economic stimulus package and a year to push through a credible health care insurance reform package. And he had a year to push for financial reform. They blew it. And Obama blew it because he didn't fight for any of it. He let Congress write the bills and waited on perhaps the most important of these - financial reform.

The banks, at the end of the day will win and not only because Timothy Geithner and the Treasury Department has aligned itself with the bankers who squandered our pension plans. They will win because the Republicans will shoot down any serious attempt to end "too big to fail."

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