Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Prejudice Within All Of Us

And I thought Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says very dumb things.

Chris Matthews should learn when to keep his mouth shut but his failure to do so does provide us with an opportunity to think about what lies in our own hearts and minds:

Chris Matthews I am sure wouldn't consider himself a racist and he certainly is on the right side of the civil rights debates but he does say things that suggest that there is at least a little speck of prejudiced thinking in all of us and it that which in the end leads me to support affirmative action programs more than any other reason. We aren't color blind. And we probably won't be a color blind society anytime soon.

Hat tip to Talking Points Memo.

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Middle Class Ammerican said...

You are right on one thing that every body has a little prjudice in them. Today the problem is not the fact that the white population is inacting unfair practices on minoritys. The problem is as I see it the white population has been brain washed into thinking that we owe the minoritys some thing because we are white and they arn't. If we continue to use the ideals of afermative action in our society this nation and culture will never be color blind. I am not ashamed that I am white but I am not a white supremisist nor do I believe in thier ideas. I am fine with minoritys rising to the levels that thier abilitys allow but why would a society want to elavate a person because of race and not merit. That is just stupid I mean stupid it is not good for the country the society or anyone, not even the people being elavated.
If I had to choose what tag I could put on any application to qualify for anything I would want to use Black woman Veitman vet. If you put down white male 45 years of age you are screwed. Can't we all just get along and work hard and not care that someone else no mater what race or color is doing well for them selfs?
The equal rights ammendment opened the door for every nut to walk out of the closet and stand on a soap box. If it would have just did what it was supposed to have done and gave equal rights to all races and men as well as women, it would have been a wonderfull thing. Now we have people crying that homosexuals have rights to be married. We have people in a country founded on christian values fighting in the courts and winning because they want God out of politics and schools. We even have people in prison for terrible crime crying that thier civil rights have been violated.
We have got so far from the center of reality in this nation that we have became the laughing stock of the world. We have a president that bowed to another nations ruler, but thats a whole nother issue I wont get into. If we don't start pulling together and become a nation of pride again afermative action is not going to matter anyway. Nothing is going to matter but your relationship to God and your salvation to the kingdom of heaven. The heck with Republicans and Demacrats the heck with all the division we were the greatest country in the world yes I said were. We lost ourselfs trying to make special intrest groups happy and I do mean minoritys and women and homosexuals and irreligious libetines.