Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Richard Wolfe was telling Keith Olbermann that the Democrats might use their loss to actually fight for what they believe. Now that they lost the senate seat they needed to actually govern (without reconciliation that is), they can use force the Republicans to vote against the Obama administration's agenda.

Now to some of us that would of course be breath of fresh air. Many Obama voters, particularly those who align themselves with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, were less than thrilled with the president's failure to fight for anything that he believed in. He was largely silent while the Democrats on the hill were negotiating over the health care bill that may very well be dead on arrival now that Scott Brown won today's special election for the seat once held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Still, this renewed sense of commitment in the Democratic Party's principles seems a bit jarring since it is easier to "fight" for what you believe in when there is little to no chance of getting anything passed, than it is to actually legislate. To be quite frank, the Democrats' renewed sense of commitment reminds me of the Republicans' renewed sense of commitment to budget cuts.

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