Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Who Lost Mass?

Let me resolve the dispute so we can avoid the finger-pointing that will take place:

Everybody lost Massachusetts.

Coakley for taking the seat for granted.

The Democrats in Washington for their failure to pass anything meaningful. The stimulus package wasn't nearly large enough nor was it written so that the construction projects which it funded could begin immediately.

The House, senate and president dropped the ball on financial reform, leaving us with the impression that they were protecting the bankers on Wall Street. The Republicans have exploited this (not that they'd do anything to curb Wall Street's gambling habits).

The president failed to lay out his specific priorities on health care reform, letting the senate finance committee and leadership to get bogged down crafting complicated legislation. Senator Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, and Blanche Lincoln deserve dishonorable mentions for threatening to block meaningful reform until it was watered down while extracting special concessions for their states.

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