Sunday, February 14, 2010

Frank Rich: Obama and the Democrats Really Out of Touch

The president has to read Frank Rich's column in The New York Times more often. If he did, Obama and the Democrats might not be in so much trouble. They'd be able to counter the Republicans' claimed populist credentials by forcing them to vote for or against the very policies that would fix our broken financial regulatory system. As of now the voters get to choose between one party that feeds into the anger boiling on Main Street while stymying reforms designed to fix the problems that concern the people and a party that is divided between those who tepidly defend them and those who are willing to forsake them to keep their Wall Street fundraisers happy.

If the president wants to fix our system he should dump Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and replace him with someone like Harvard Law Professor and TARP watchdog Elisabeth Warren. She's been on "Morning Joe" blasting Wall Street, Congress and the administration on a continual basis for their tone deaf and morally callous behavior.

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