Monday, February 08, 2010

The Republican Health Insurance Reform Vision:

MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews can get very annoying because he constantly interrupts his guests before they have a chance to make their case for or against any given policy. Every now and then, however, Chris Matthews can elicit a response from a guest that should be revealing.

Today he was on a roll when he questioned one Republican strategist, John Feehery, on health care. The talk show host asked Feehery why the Republicans seem to offer their health care initiatives when they can't do anything about it and fail to push their health care agenda forward when they have the power to do so. (See approx. 5 minutes into this segment)

Feehery tried to dither but finally admitted that he doesn't believe "philosophically" in "government-run health care." Of course it should be noted that Chris Matthews didn't ask him why Feehery doesn't believe in "government-run health care." He asked Feehery why the Republicans didn't have a health care reform plan.

Apparently everything is fine. What do the Republicans have to say to the 30 million or so Americans who have no health insurance? Get a job and if you already have one, get a second or third? And what about the rising cost in premiums? Get a new higher-paying job? Don't go to the doctor? Die?

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