Monday, March 15, 2010

Comon Sense v the Religious Right

Sometimes you just have to let the conservatives make the case against the religious right's distorted views.

from the editorial:

"Anti-discrimination laws and policies don't create special classes of people who have more protection than others. For instance, the law doesn't say, "No discriminating against black people" -- thereby leaving open the door to discrimination against white people.

Rather, the law says, "no discriminating on the basis of race." The law protects everybody -- white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. That's why the Supreme Court ruled last year in favor of white firefighters who were denied promotion in the famous race-discrimination case in New Haven, Conn.

Likewise, a law forbidding discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation doesn't protect just homosexuals. It also would protect a straight man or woman who was discriminated against by a gay boss."

In other words, nondiscrimination laws remove from consideration a list of characteristics deemed irrelevant when distinguishing between people.

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