Monday, March 15, 2010

Hayworth, Marriage and Horses

Former U.S. Congressman, and conservative radio talk show host J.D.Hayworth (R-Arizona) is running against Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) in this year's primary elections. He is running to the senator's right by opposing the unpopular bank bailout on Wall Street, opposing immigration reform that includes amnesty for illegal aliens, and supporting a constitutional ban on gay marriages nationwide. When he appeared on a Florida radio talk show, the senator affirmed his support for a constitutional amendment by comparing the affectations men have with other men to affectations men may have with a horse.

This slippery slope argument doesn't work for one obvious reason that shouldn't but apparently does need stating - unless we are talking about "Mister Ed," (and he is of course fictional), horses cannot talk back and consequently, cannot inform the man or woman whether or not it wants to engage in an intimate relationship with him. The horse would not tell his male or female companion how much it loves him or her or how much it loves his or her eyes or, how much it wants to spend every passing moment with his man or woman and believing otherwise is well, horses---.

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