Friday, March 12, 2010

Texas Education Agency: The Wrong "Thomas"

from The New York Times - Even the course on world history did not escape the board’s scalpel.

Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer from Richmond who is a strict constitutionalist and thinks the nation was founded on Christian beliefs, managed to cut Thomas Jefferson from a list of figures whose writings inspired revolutions in the late 18th century and 19th century, replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone. (Jefferson is not well liked among conservatives on the board because he coined the term “separation between church and state.”)

“The Enlightenment was not the only philosophy on which these revolutions were based,” Ms. Dunbar said.

I couldn't believe I was reading this so I went to the board's sight just in case. They will have a full posting of their changes in April.

Please let Texas secede. Please. In fact, ask them to.

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