Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rule about Holocaust Comparisons

Don't make them, unless you are comparing one government's systematic attempt to butcher or otherwise wipe out all men, women and children belonging to one particular ethnic, religious, or cultural group with Adolf Hitler's attempt to do just that.

The rule applies to everyone, whether you are "infallible" or not.

I hope this guy doesn't hide any children in the closet - for him or for anybody under him. Hearing this from the Anglican archbishop seems very unseemly, particularly since both, the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion are competing for the conservatives fuming over the Episcopal Church's gay-positive moral code. (The Roman Catholic Church had loosened its standards for Anglican married priests who want to affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church. Basically they would be treated like the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches that affiliate with it).

So here's rule # 2.

Rivals who claim to speak for "God" shouldn't make any statements if there is any reason to suspect that they have ulterior, opportunistic motives, for making such statements.

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