Thursday, May 27, 2010

McDonnell's Brand of moderate Republicanism Isn't All That Moderate

First Governor Robert McDonnell (R-Virginia) went after the gays by repealing an executive order barring anti-gay discrimination against state employees. Then he offended the African American community by honoring those who have died for the Confederacy without ever mentioning the stain that led them to fight for it (slavery). He obviously apologized for that one. Now the governor has appointed a Nixon (as in former President Richard M. Nixon) aide who, during his time serving in the White House, drew up a list of employees he considered to be Jewish (since the president at that time thought the Jews were after him) to serve on a government reform committee.
Oh and the aid who will serve on this government reform committee paid a $100,000 fine to the SEC for his investment firm's work for the Connecticut pension fund done 12 years ago.

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