Sunday, May 30, 2010

Those Who Came the Legal Way

get screwed but the illegals get pity and strong support for a "pathway to citizenship."

“I love America,” Mr. Franks said, but he has become embittered because their hard work and frugal ways seem to count for nothing.

“You can go from ‘illegal’ to ‘green card holder,’ but we’re going from ‘legal’ to ‘no way you can get a green card,’ ” he said. “We did it wrong. If we came here illegally, we’d have a chance of becoming citizens.”
from The New York Times

Is something wrong with this picture? They had a self-sustaining business for 9 years. Sure, the recession hit them (like it hit nearly everybody). They weren't on welfare and yet we are booting them out. And yet illegals have the audacity to ask for citizenship. I swear. Whenever an illegal approaches one of our Congress men and women they should get a copy of this article and ask them why they should get what we have denied to those who had enough respect to follow our laws. Then that local Congressman or woman should give the illegal the finger.

So what would Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois), who defend those illegal swine, have to say to the British restaurant owners:

"I think, in the absence of a holistic approach to comprehensive immigration reform, it really isn't going to solve the problem. I think you've probably been to a graduation or two. So have I. We know that thousands of those students that come here on student visas aren't going home. It's summer. We see all the tourists here in Washington, D.C. We know that thousands of those tourists aren't going home. We know that there are workers that come here on temporary work permits; we know they're not all going home. Forty percent of all the undocumented workers, our undocumented population, came here legally to this country and have overstayed their visas. So even if you shut down the border, it isn't going to answer the total question. So what I'm proposing is that we look at it from a holistic perspective."

I guess that would be his answer. Don't follow the rules. Just come here because we won't enforce the laws if you don't leave.

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