Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Afghanistan Leaks

only raise again the questions many have about the direction of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How are we going to win the war without Pakistan's help and how are we going to win the Pakistanis to our side if they view India as the chief beneficiary of the Taliban's collapse? We can't remake Pakistan's ISI in our image. We and the Obama administration have to ask how much in terms of financial cost (remember that deficit thing?) and lives (our men and women in uniform) we are willing to sacrifice for a corrupt but politically inept and weak government in a country that never had a centralized government (save for the Taliban). On "Morning Joe" this morning, former Bush White House Spokesman Lawrence Ari Fleischer could not say when we could leave.

Can anyone who says that we must stay until the Afghan government can fend for itself have any reasonable time frame as to when idea when that goal will be met? Does the president or anyone around him know? Or are we supposed to keep our troops in Afghanistan indefinitely.

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