Saturday, August 21, 2010

George F. Will's Nonsolution on the Middle East

George F. Will says there is really nothing which the Israelis and Palestinians could negotiate over since the concessions Israel would have to make leave them vulnerable to their "perpetual enemies" in the West Bank. The Israelis obviously didn't need that territory when they effectively defended themselves from their hostile neighbors in 1949 or prevent them from launching a successful pre-emptive strike against the Egyptians in 1967. The Israelis can and probably would successfully defend themselves from another invasion.

The perpetual occupation of the West Bank which George F. Will seemingly supports would not stop terrorists from entering Israel-proper. Jerusalem is within a reasonable striking distance from the Palestinian territories. Jerusalem sits on both sides of the political border. Effectively guarded checkpoints at the border, not territorial occupation, will protect Israelis who live near the border from attack.

What George F. Will supports isn't feasible if only because the Palestinians whom the Israelis would continue to occupy won't accept the Israelis as their perpetual rulers. Israel eventually will have to dismantle the settlements they built in the West Bank or otherwise trade them for land of equal value to the Palestinians.

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