Thursday, September 30, 2010

Biased Headline: "Kiss of Death"

The New York Post, a conservative tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, wrote one of the most offensive and anti-gay biased headlines one would expect from an anti-gay "family values" (ahem) spokesperson. Their front page was covered by a photo of Tyler Clementi, a gay freshman at Rutgers University who committed suicide after his straight roommate and a friend videotaped and then posted on the internet, an intimate encounter with another man. We don't know what ultimately led him to kill himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. We might learn about Mr. Clementi's state of mind as the the investigation continues.

Nothing but the paper's own conservative slant can explain the "Kiss of Death" headline or the grossly inaccurate "Webcam makeout student kills self" subtitle that appears on the front page. Unless one's lips are tainted with arson or some other poisonous substance, kisses do not lead people to commit suicide. A peer's reaction to that kiss could.


Animate Object said...

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