Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The worst and scariest thing in the world is the deficit, and before we do anything to help people without jobs, we must make sure it is "deficit-neutral," and also now is probably a good time to think about some long-term entitlement cuts. Also raising taxes during a recession is madness, and we must not do so, under any circumstances, even if it makes the deficit larger." - Alex Pareene, describing the utter stupidity behind the Republican/"moderate" Democratic political agenda in Salon

My view: To avoid a vote against preserving the middle class tax cuts (because the Republicans are, as President Barack Obama rightfully noted at yesterday's press conference, holding them hostage), the Democrats should let all of the tax cuts expire and then force a vote on a bill to restore the middle class tax cuts. Dare the Republicans who want to offer a tax cut to the rich to propose an amendment to the bill and force them to explain why, in a time when everyone is supposedly concerned about the deficit, they think it is prudent to help their rich donors and friends.

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