Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What They Said on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

"Those were the only amendments that Reid would allow to come up for a vote, all of which were chosen by Reid for the political advantage they would give the Democrats in tough mid-term election campaigns. His gamble wasn’t really a gamble at all. In fact, his gambit was a win-win for Democrats, at least in how they see their strategy unfolding. If Republicans upheld the filibuster, then Reid could go home and say that it was the Republicans who blocked DADT’s repeal and immigration reform. If the Dems had prevailed on the filibuster, then Reid would have been able to get the Republican caucus on record on these two issues ahead of the November elections. Either way, what Reid actually sought to accomplish was political gamesmanship, not Senatorial statesmanship." - Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin

"As overtly unsympathetic as the Republican party has been to the gay community for almost as long as one can remember, don’t blame Republicans for the fact that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) is still in place and may in fact remain in place for many years. Blame Harry Reid and the Democrats. Rather than win a victory long sought by all members of the gay community and most members of the Democratic Party by delivering a clean military spending bill with DADT repeal, Harry Reid attached a controversial immigration amendment which would give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Mr. Reid’s reasons for attaching the bill have nothing to do with his desire to reform immigration and everything to do with his desire to get Hispanics to turn out so that he can beat a certifiable lunatic who would not have any chance of being elected to public office were he not so incompetent." Jeb Golinkin at FrumForum

"I think this could be a huge deal for the relationship between gay voters and the Democratic party. Over 75 percent of the public wants the ban ended, and yet even when the Democrats control both Houses and have a president opposed to the policy, they failed to end it in two years. Why? Because, sadly, it was not a real priority; and because the main lobby group, the Human Rights Campaign, is so enmeshed in the Democratic party establishment, it has no clout at all." - Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish

One party caters to its hateful base by voting against the measure while the other pretends to cater to its base by offering up a bill that its members do everything they possibly could to make it fail.

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