Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boxer, the Democrat, for California

Senator Barbara Boxer would not have been the Political Heretic’s choice to represent the Democratic Party in California and in fact, had urged Democratic Party voters to reject the incumbent senator in favor of Mickey Kaus, a neo-liberal journalist, whose blog was formerly hosted by Slate but now at Newsweek. Mr. Kaus has been highly critical towards the teachers union, which has fought against serious efforts to reform the public urban schools, as well as those who oppose legislation that would reward illegal immigrants with a “path to citizenship.”

The incumbent has not stood up to the teachers unions, which have opposed tenure reform, merit pay, and charter schools as well private school vouchers even though these measures have received the support of those Americans, minorities included, who are trapped within failing public schools.

Had California’s Republicans nominated Tom Campbell, a former Republican congressman to run against Boxer, the Political Heretic would be urging the voters to send Boxer packing. Californians, however, must go to the polls with candidates they have and in this case they must choose between the incumbent and Carly Fiorina, the former chairwoman and chief executive officer at the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Like most Republicans running for national office in this year’s election cycle, Fiorina has pledged to repeal President Barack Obama’s health insurance reform bill, and cut taxes while paying down this nation’s debt. She not only pledges to keepe the Bush tax cuts that benefit the rich but also proposes to eliminate capital tax on small business investments, and eliminate the estate tax. Why the latter was included in her job program is beyond me.

Mrs. Fiorina aligns herself with the conservative wing of her party on abortion rights, gay marriage, and cap-and-trade. The incumbent adamantly supports a woman’s right to end a pregnancy, favors gay rights and would vote in favor of environmental bills like cap-and-trade. Fiorina is too far out of California’s mainstream and too far out of this nation’s mainstream for voters to put her in Washington and for that reason voters should pull the lever for the incumbent.

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