Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Quick Final Recommendations: The Democrats in Colorado, Delaware and Washington and no Recommendation for Arkansas, Indiana and West Virginia

Washington voters should pull the lever for the incumbent, Senator Pat Murray (D-Washington) because she has proven that she will work with the president. She voted for the economic stimulus package and for the health insurance program. Her Republican opponent, Dino Rossi, is running on the standard Republican platform that did not prevent the economic recession. Tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts that primarily hurt the middle class.

For similar reasons he recommends a vote for Michael Bennet, the incumbent Democrat who is running for his first full-term in the senate. His opponent Ken Buck is a conservative ideologue who promises to repeal Obama's health care reform program and oppose all new stimulus spending programs designed to create jobs. Bennet voted for the economic stimulus bill which saved American jobs and he voted for the health insurance reform program.

The Political Heretic will not make any recommendation for the senatorial races taking place in Arkansas, Indiana, and West Virginia. The Republican and Democratic candidates in these states largely agree with one another on some of these issues so it really doesn't matter who wins.

He favors New Castle county executive Chris Coons, the Democrat, over Christine O'Donnell. Chris Coons has the experience and the educational resume which his Tea Party opponent lacks. He graduated from Amherst College, studied abroad and then earned his J.D. from Yale Law School. Had U.S. Congressman Mike Castle won the Republican nomination, the Political Heretic would be urging Delaware voters to pull the lever for him for the same reason he is urging Illinois voters to pull the lever for Mark Kirk. The Republicans need to be pulled back from the intemperate abyss which they are headed towards. The country needs two strong parties fielding well qualified, moderate candidates.

Christine O'Donnell isn't a moderate. She is a conservative and unlike Marco Rubio or Rand Paul, she is an intellectually vapid one at that. She's made some very weird statements, from her accusations that China was plotting to take over the United States to her claim that scientists have created mice with human brains.

Her resume is impressively thin. She has made a career fighting the culture war (condemning masturbation, homosexuality and abortion while fighting for creationism and prayer in schools) while Chris Coons was balancing his county's budget. She served within the communications department for the National Republican Committee and then served as a spokesperson for the notoriously and outrageously anti-gay and anti-feminist Concerned Women for America.

By voting for O'Donnell, Delaware's Republicans squandered their opportunity to tell the American people they are serious about fixing this nation's economic problems. Now Delaware's residents should pull the lever for Dan Coons.

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