Saturday, September 24, 2011

Religious Leader Backs Putin Over Democracy

“When else in Russian history has the highest power in the state been handed over so peacefully, so worthily, so honestly, and in such a friendly way?” - Russian Orthodox Church Archbishop Vsevolod Chaplin as quoted in The New York Times

The game of musical chairs in Russia continues. When Vladimir Putin was forced to step down as president (they can only serve two terms in a role), he backed Dimitri A. Medveded, his self-appointed prime minister, to replace him and Putin, for his part, took his place as prime minister. Now Medveded's term is up and they agreed (how much, if any, Medveded was pressured into this is unknown) they are going to switch roles again.

An all the Russian archbishop can say is that the change in power will take place peacefully? He offers no word on whether the people should have a say in this? or if the people should have a choice in offering a primary opponent in United Russia?

FreI guess he doesn't care about freedom that much does he?


sheds said...

Freedom should be given to people or else the government is not being fair.

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