Friday, January 20, 2012

Two thoughts About Gingrich's Marital Answer

1. His desire to shift the blame to the left wing media reminded me of [then] First Lady Hillary Clinton's attempts to shift the blame of her husband's marital infidelities and legal problems on a "vast right wing conspiracy." Sorry.

The story exists because Newt Gingrich made it exist. He decided to cheat on his wife and he decided to make his sexual indiscretions a matter of public concern the moment he decided to make the sexual indiscretions of other politicians a matter of public concern. A thrice married man who cheated on his first two wife or two should be the last one condemning another man for cheating on his wife. A politician who says there is no right to privacy (and Gingrich is one of those who espouses that viewpoint) shouldn't wave his finger and tell us to stay out of his "personal life." The hypocrisy is just stunning.

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